If you want performance, it delivers.

Tested to 1200watts.
8o meters  3.800mhz    1.23 swr    4.000mhz   1.9 swr  no tuner needed most locations
40 meters  7.175mhz    1.24 swr    7.300      1.5swr   no tuner needed at all, most locations
20 meters  14.150mhz   1.14swr    14.350mhz  1.5swr   no tuner needed most locations
17 meters  18.068mhz   1.8swr     18.110mhz  1.9 swr  18.168mhz  2.1swr
12 meters  24.930mhz   2.0swr     24.990mhz  2.1swr
10 meters  28.300mhz   2.1swr     29.700mhz  3.0 swr
6 meters   50.000mhz   2.9swr     54mhz      4.2 swr    (not recommended
15 meters  21.200mhz   4.0swr     21.450mhz  3.7swr (not recommended )
Part of  CW portion tuneable on 15m some locations.
30 meters  10.100mhz   5.2swr                                      (not recommended )

*Must be installed off mast for best results. Keeps ends away from trees by 15ft.
Not all locations will allow 160m tune ability, but worth a try.

30ft of height is all it takes at most locations. Perfect for ease of deployment.

 They have everything you want, Tri-core toroids, completely rain proof  (has improved goose neck on coax connection), all stainless bolts and washers , 260ft of  rope (195ft shown), pulleys and roll up holder. Just put it in a bag take it out with coax and radio, throw the rope over a limb and you're on the air fast. Other expensive ocf antennas have you parts hunting accessories before you can take it out in the field.
Nothing else needed with this purchase.
Other designs make promises, but don't deliver. Why should 40 meters be an issue?
We have no idea why they don't try harder.